How to determine potency or strenth

Potency Guide


Probably the singular most perplexing issue we hear from customers is how to determine the strength or potency of a CBD tincture. All the bottles have different numbers and it can vary greatly between vendors. So how can you tell how one matches up against the other? This is an important distinction because until you can determine this, it is virtually impossible to be able to gauge if you are getting the appropriate dose that works for you.

We will simplify this mystery for you.  This begins with understanding what numbers we are looking at on the bottle. There are two significant units of measurement indicated on every label. The first is a number indicating the number of milligrams (mg) of CBD. The second is the number of milliliters (ml) of liquid contained within. To even the playing field for all tinctures (regardless of the number of mg listed on the label) we need to determine the number of milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml). You can arrive at this number by simply dividing the number of milligrams on the label by the number of milliliters in the bottle.

So 1000mg CBD tincture in a 30ml bottle will be measure as 33mg of CBD per ml.

By arriving at this number, it enables you to clearly understand the appropriate dosage that works for you. If you are taking ½ ml of tincture, that is 33mg/ml, you are taking approximately 16.5mg of CBD per dose. 

With CBD tincture, you can always arrive at the same dosage, regardless of the strength of the particular tincture, by simply adjusting the volume that you ingest. Using the example above, if you have a tincture that is 15mg/ML then you would take at least a full ML of tincture instead your typical ½ ML. Using the same dosage, it would only be ¼ ml of a tincture whose strength is 66mg/ML. 

If you only take a number of drops of tincture this rule still applies. 6 drops of 33mg/ML tincture will equal 12-14 drops of 15mg/ML tincture and only 3 drops of 66mg/ML tincture.

Since every person responds differently to a different dosage, it is important for you to understand what works for you. Once you understand what your “number” is, you can calculate your dosage based upon the tincture you have available to you.

We are proud that our vendors provide tinctures with graduated droppers (they have markings on them) and they indicate on the label what the mg/ML dosage is. This helps simplify this part of the process for you.

These same calculations apply to other products like edibles and vape products. The primary difference in determining dosage is greatly affected by the intake method. Something you eat (an edible) is subjected to stomach acids and the digestive system, so it not only takes longer to feel the effect, some of the CBD is lost to the digestive process.

With vape products (pre-filled cartridges and concentrate) it is hard to gauge how much CBD you actually ingest per “puff”. You have to estimate based upon the initial potency number (mg) and since the effect is quicker acting, you can simply wait a minute to see if you need to ingest more.