Key points about tinctures

The basics and more


Understanding how tinctures are designed to work will help you understand how they can be used effectively for you. A tincture is designed to be ingested sublingually, which means you place the oil under your tongue


The tincture is first absorbed by the blood vessels under your tongue, so the longer you can leave it there before swallowing the better. 60 seconds or more is a good target. After you swallow the tincture, whatever survives the digestive process will be absorbed into the system over time. This will allow a continuous uptake of CBD for hours after administration.

If you notice any effect at all, it will usually take 30-60 minutes or longer before you feel it. This is the time during which the CBD is being absorbed into the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the part of our body that manages the intake of cannabinoids (like CBD) and assigns the delivery of CBD to the appropriate receptors within the body. The goal of the ECS is to establish homeostasis, or a balance, of the levels of cannabinoids delivered to the respective cannabinoid receptors. This is one of the reasons that you can actually take less CBD over time because a decreased dose may be all that you need to maintain these levels.

Taking a dose of tincture daily (or multiple times daily depending upon your individual needs) is the most common and cost effective way to start regularly ingesting CBD. Since most people do not require a large dose of CBD per day, it is simply a matter of understanding what size dose you need daily and whether or not you function better by taking that amount once in the morning, once at night, or maybe morning, noon, and night. Knowing the correct dose will also assist you in your purchasing decision as to the strength and size of the bottle that is most cost effective for you.