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Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS Electronic Dab Rig w/ Thermo Bag - 920mAh

Dr. Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS Electronic Dab Rig w/ Thermo Bag - 920mAh

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Khalifa Kush x Dr.Dabber XS: Where Luxury Meets Innovation 

Prepare to elevate your vaping experience with the Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS, a limited-edition masterpiece born from a legendary collaboration. This meticulously crafted device isn't just a vaporizer; it's a statement piece showcasing the pinnacle of quality, innovation, and sheer delight.

Behold the Magic of Thermo-Chromatic Transformation:

Witness the XS come alive as you heat and enjoy your concentrates. Its sleek black exterior undergoes a mesmerizing shift to vibrant yellow, a captivating display of heat-activated color change that adds a whole new dimension to your session.

Matching Bag That Transforms in Harmony:

Your XS doesn't travel alone. It comes with a stylish matching bag that shares its thermo-chromatic magic. Watch as both the device and bag transition hues in perfect unison, creating a visual spectacle that reflects your discerning taste.

Beyond Visuals: Unmatched Performance Awaits:

But the XS is more than just eye candy. This powerhouse delivers the smoothest, most flavorful vapor you've ever experienced. From wax to diamonds, it flawlessly handles any concentrate, thanks to its precision temperature control and cutting-edge technology. Get ready for unparalleled satisfaction with every draw.

Embrace the Legacy, Own a Piece of History:

This collaboration isn't just about performance; it's about celebrating freedom, authenticity, and self-expression. Owning the XS means belonging to a community that pushes boundaries and embraces the future of cannabis culture.

Don't miss your chance to own this coveted piece of history. The Dr.Dabber x Khalifa Kush XS is a limited-edition release, so secure yours before it's gone.

  • 920mAh battery
  • Concentrate vaporizer
  • Limited Edition Khalifa Kush design
  • Thermo color-changing base & carrying bag
  • Compact & travel sized
  • 4 specially calibrated heat settings (475-675°F)
  • Up to 35 uses in a single charge
  • Charges in 30-60 minutes (depending on adapter used)
  • Average heat time of 9-12 seconds
  • Spill-proof bubbler design
  • eChamber replacements & glass attachment replacements available
  • Includes loading tool & carb cap w/ leash
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